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The apostolic mission of our Congregation is carried out in a spirit of faithfulness to the Charism of our Founder and to the Church of our present time.

We try to glorify God through our Adoration  and through our charitable-apostolic activities, in the Spirit of deep communion with Christ, who draws us in to His intimacy with the Father in the Holy Spirit.

What ever may be our apostolate, we try to realize the prayer of Jesus to His Father: "So that they may be one , as we are one, I in them and You in me"  (Jn: 17:22b-23a

       Our Charitable and apostolic activities are:-

  • ​  Formal and non-formal education of children and youth 

  •   Care for the elderly and sick

  • Ministering in particular emergency situations  eg, in disaster , in accidents etc.   

  • Being present where people suffer from indifference   , exclusion,hatred and injustices of all kinds

  • Giving pastoral services through listening and supporting our brethren 

  • ministering at places of pilgrimage

  • helping the dying

  • Interceding for the people in difficulties and praying daily for the dying

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