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The Sprouting of the Province          in the Motherland


With strong determination and total commitment our pioneer Sisters, Sr. Bosco, Kulangara, Sr. Freddy Konikkara, Sr. Susanna Chalissery, and Sr. Damiana Kuttencherry responded to the call of God to serve the people of their country. It was a call within the call that our pioneer Sisters having taken the Perpetual vows, in Kloster St. Trudpert, Germany were inspired to leave Germany, to come back to India, their motherland.

In 1974 they came to Indore Diocese with the invitation of the then Bishop of Indore, His Grace George Anathil and were accommodated in different places for getting acquainted with the language and culture of the people. On 1st March 1976, the first community in India, Deepalay, Sanawad was blessed and inaugurated.

The love for the Saviour in the poor, the marginalized, and the downtrodden, challenged them and motivated them to plunge in the uncertainties of Indian remote villages, among the tribals and adivasis.

The Sisters, urged by the desire to imitate their Master and Lord began their mission work among the poor and the needy of both Indore and Khandwa dioceses. They visited the families, cared for the sick,  went to  remote villages and stayed with them, they taught the children and carried out catechetical works. The village activities of the Sisters reflected their love for Christ, compassion for the poor and self-denial.

Deepalay- Sanawad


First Community

bosco (2).jpg
Sr. Bosco Kulangara
Freddy (3).jpg
Sr. Freddy Konikkara
Susan (2).jpg
Sr. Susanna Chalissery
Damiana (3).jpg
Sr. Damiana Kuttencherry
Pioneer Sisters  with 
     Mother General
Initial stage.jpg

Mission in the Indian soil

11 (1)_edited.jpg

First batch of Sisters in India

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