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    In preparation for the 175th Jubilee: 

Inter Province Spiritual & living together Experiences

Many People read history… Some write it… Very few create it… 175 years of SJSM journey through hills and valleys voiced out hearts full of joy, gratitude and surrender to God Almighty  specially in this  year .  The Provincial Superiors and their team from both the provinces of India, namely St. Joseph and Sanjo Province had meticulously  planned and organized well  to witness this luminous Spiritual event at different communities of the Provinces. Two days  of Spiritual Programmes, living together experiences, interaction with  each other filled the air at its height with ecstatic joy. The jubilation is not simply the celebration of an event; it was the celebration of God’s dream realized in the person of Fr.Pierre Paul Blanck. Our hearts throbbing with ‘Magnificat’ as the SJSM family is  getting ready to celebrate the Quadraseptinental Jubilee in 2020.

Yes, we are ready to step into another Century in few years time to create history.

Heading 1

175- Conclusion

175- Inauguration

Profession- 2020

Quartoseptcentennial Celebration

at St. Joseph Provincialate, Indore

Provincial Chapter- 2020

Provincial Assembly was conducted in three innings in view of the forth coming Provincial Chapter 2020.


Profession- 2021

Profession- 2022


Profession- 2023

Retreat -May 2023

Retreat - May 2023

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